The candidacy of Mr. Van der Vorst was accepted by the AIBA Election Committee 

December 11th, 2020 / IBA

The AIBA Election Committee has checked all required documents of the candidate from the Dutch Boxing Federation, Mr. Boris Van der Vorst, and accepted his candidacy for the upcoming Presidential elections.

AIBA Congress will be held on December 12th and 13th with the election of the new leader of the organization on the first day.    

‘The Election Committee did accept the candidacy of Boris Van der Vorst after having checked all required documents. Therefore, the Committee is of the opinion that the allegations fraudulently published under the email address “” are false, and the member federations should disregard such email,’ said Mr. Welten. 

He also mentioned that the email address has nothing to do with the AIBA Office.  

‘Further, the email address used is not from AIBA but fraudulently tries to make a reference to an official address from the Association. The Election Committee is checking the documents and introducing the appropriate legal proceedings in front of the competent AIBA authorities as far as necessary,’ added Mr. Welten.