Q&A with AIBA’s Hamburg 2017 World Championship Official Sponsor Borgward

August 29th, 2017 / IBA

AIBA’s agreement with German car manufacturer Borgward to become Official Sponsor of the 2017 World Championships in Hamburg underlines the organisation’s ability to attract new sponsors that will help develop boxing at the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cycle. Borgward have brought important financial and logistical support to this year’s tournament, and CEO Mr Ulrich Walker discusses the spirit and benefits of this partnership.


Why was it important for Borgward to associate with AIBA at these World Championships?
First of all, the Olympic spirit embodies many of the values that our brand represents. The Olympic spirit is more than winning a bout, it’s about friendship, solidarity and fair play as well as inspiration and motivation. Secondly, the event is an excellent opportunity for Borgward as a traditional brand to present our new generation of cars, our SUV models Borgward BX7 and the Borgward BX5. And last but not least, it’s a great opportunity to make the brand visible worldwide to a great audience.
Would you say there is a synergy between the new generation of Champions on display and Borgward’s ambitions?
Like the new generation of potential World and Olympic champions, Borgward is a newcomer with huge ambitions, too. We both have the same goals in mind: To be successful, to enter the global stage and, maybe, to write history. In the case of Borgward, to write history again. In my opinion, the new generation of potential Olympic Champions and Borgward can grow together to reach new heights.
What are the values and qualities in the boxing world that Borgward can relate to?
As a boxer you have to work hard to achieve your goals – just like we do to make Borgward great again. Borgward’s history is full of passion, commitment, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, ingenuity and pioneering spirit. It is a history that has transformed Borgward — both the brand and the man behind it, Carl F. W. Borgward — into a legend. In the brand’s heyday, more than 23,000 people worked in the production halls and more than one million vehicles rolled off the lines between 1924 and 1961. Borgward always stood for quality, innovation, sustainability and affordability. And this is what we strive for today again. We believe in the future of Borgward, and this is maybe what boxing can relate to: a strong will to reach you goals and to reach beyond your boundaries, as well as a passion for what you do.
AIBA and Borgward are long-established in their fields, what is the secret to longevity?
The secret is very simple: Passion, credibility, high quality and hard work. We at Borgward always tried and still try to do the best we can to meet the challenges ahead, to be innovative and to satisfy our customers.