President of the National Boxing Federation of Georgia David Tsiklauri believes in AIBA reforms success 

February 19th, 2021 / IBA

During his visit to the International Boxing Tournament ‘Adriatic Pearl’ AIBA President, Mr. Umar Kremlev held an official meeting with presidents of National Federations of Balkan countries. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the interaction between the National Federations of the Balkan countries and AIBA. 

The session was attended by the President of the National Boxing Federation of Georgia, Mr. David Tsiklauri. 

‘First, I would like to thank the Boxing Federation of Montenegro for organizing such an important tournament in such difficult times, this is a substantial experience for our athletes. A year had already passed since we took part in international competitions. All teams are now preparing for the Youth World Championships, and it is extremely necessary for both, boxers and coaches, to work on mistakes and improve their skills,’ Mr. Tsikaluri said.

‘During these two days, we are discussing the situation with new AIBA President Mr. Kremlev and colleagues. I want to thank the President for the efforts he is making to develop boxing not only in big countries but also in smaller ones. For Georgia, for example, that means a lot. Recently, Mr. Kremlev delivered to us spots equipment which our clubs, our Federation and our boxers really needed. I am sure that Mr. Kremlev will continue his work and will do a lot for global boxing,’ he added.

The President of the National Boxing Federation of Georgia also believes that the current changes in AIBA will lead to success.

‘I suppose that current AIBA reforms are incredibly valuable, first of all, for boxers, coaches, referees and judges,’ he claimed.

‘Yesterday there was a meeting of the Federations of the Balkan countries and a specific program of joint actions for Balkans were developed. I fully support this initiative and think that we will unite our efforts not only in the region but also around the globe. As Mr. Kremlev said yesterday, we need to show the whole world that we are one big family,’ Mr. Tsikaluri added. 

‘Today there was a training session, during which Mr. Kremlev trained together with the athletes. We had a lot of AIBA Presidents who didn’t even communicate directly with the boxers. I am of the opinion that such training is great motivation not only for athletes but also for coaches, representatives of the National Federations. This is an example of how a real leader should behave. After all, everything we do is for the sake of the great future of boxing,’ he concluded.