Newly formed AIBA Finance Commission convenes for first time in Lausanne

March 31st, 2017 / IBA

Following the productivity of February’s 2017 Commission Meetings in India to set out the road map for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle, the newly formed Finance Commission gathered for the first time in Lausanne on 31 March along with the AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu. As well as internal financial controls, the Commission discussed how to bring greater efficiency to its processes with all of AIBA’s stakeholders.

“This week marked another important moment for AIBA, with the convening of the Finance Commission further underlining the organisation’s commitment to fiscal efficiency and accountability. AIBA has benefitted greatly from listening closely to the expertise of its Commissions in recent years, and that dialogue will only increase over the coming years,” said the AIBA President following the meetings.

Further items on the agenda included the fine-tuning of AIBA’s financial objectives and the preparing of the latest presentation for the Executive Committee meeting later in the year, continuing the spirit of absolute transparency.

“This first round of meetings points to the Finance Department consolidating an even stronger future for AIBA and its continued development of boxing around the world. Each of our members had valuable input to share, and the start of a new Olympic cycle provides the perfect opportunity to put these ideas into practice,” said the Commission chair Mr Maxim Zhukov.