Newly established Czech Boxing Federation takes part in its first continental competition in Croatia

April 3rd, 2024 / EUBC

After being accepted as an IBA provisional member, the Czech Boxing Federation (ČFB) will be taking part in its first competition, the EUBC Youth Men’s and Women’s European Boxing Championships in Poreč, Croatia taking place from 3-14 April 2024.

Three men and a woman accompanied by two coaches are set to travel to Croatia to participate in the tournament. A winner of several international competitions and 4-time national champion, Katrin Ivanovová has never made it to the medals at the European Championships. However, this year she aims to work hard in the 60kg weight division where she trains with her father Stanislav Ivanov, who is the Czech Boxing Federation President, and will second her in the corner during the event.

Another Czech Republic hopeful, Dominik Pešek competes at 71kg, he is 3-time national champion and has had some success at international tournaments. Pešek will be competing at the European Championships for the second time, and he hopes to bring a medal home to his country.

Young prospect Milan Mrázek trains with Milan Ondraško, who is one of the top boxing coaches in the Czech Republic, according to ČFB President. He is set to compete at 75kg to showcase his excellent boxing skills and prowess.

Tomáš Kochlofl will participate in the 86kg division, he won the national championships twice, however, he hasn’t competed yet at international level. It will be a challenge for the young boxer; however, he is ready and well prepared to challenge his rivals. All the Czech boxers went through a two-phase preparation process, and Ivanov hopes for a good performance from his 4-strong team.

‘We are happy and grateful to be in the extended IBA Family, which is the only recognized association for amateur boxing,’ President Ivanov said. ‘Boxing is primarily a sport that should not be associated with any politics, and this has been the case for decades. We know what it’s like when politics is part of sports, as we witnessed it in the Czech Republic. All events should be transparent and fair, and IBA is a showcase of these principles. The organization does not have any competitors in terms what it does and demonstrates for boxing, and the number of members sets this example. Boxers of across the globe want to be the strongest in the ring, no matter of their race, skin colour, nationality, religion, or beliefs, and the IBA provides this opportunity for everybody.’

After the EUBC Youth European Championships, ČFB is ready to organize its first national championships this year in Krnov under its authority as an IBA National Federation.