Japan’s Daiya Kira amazed once again at YWCHs in Kielce advancing to the quarter-finals

April 15th, 2021 / IBA

In total, 24 contests were held in the afternoon session of the third day of competitions at the AIBA Youth Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships. Japan’s promising star 17-year-old Daiya Kira amazed once again and advanced to the last eight at the men’s flyweight (52kg) in Kielce.

Boxers at the men’s flyweight (52kg) and at the men’s lightweight (60kg) were in action in the session. The winners of the flyweight advanced to the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Kyrgyzstan’s first quarter-finalist is Zhakshylyk Tilek Uulu 

Kyrgyzstan’s head coach Mr. Daniyar Tologon Uulu selected nine talents to the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. The country claimed one gold medal in the 2004 edition of the AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships and their boxers are aiming for podium places after 17 years of break in Kielce.

Their light flyweight (49kg) boxer Anvarzhon Khodzhiev ensured the first Kyrgyz success in the evening session of Day 2 and this series was continued by Zhakshylyk Tilek Uulu in the opening contest of the third day. Tilek Uulu also has experience from elite competitions but he had an excellent opponent in the last 16, Nicaragua’s Nelson Guerrero.

The Kyrgyz boxer was smaller than his Central American opponent but his energetic boxing controlled the first round. Tilek Uulu overcame the Nicaraguan in the attacks and landed a high number of clear punches in the second round continuing his strong performance. The Kyrgyz boxer looked tired in the third and Guerrero gave in everything to turn back their contest, making a fantastic finish but his efforts were not enough to win the battle. Tilek Uulu advanced to the quarter-finals as first in the men’s flyweight (52kg) and remained his medal chances alive in Poland.

Japan’s Daiya Kira dominated again

Japan’s Daiya Kira won his national events in 2018 and in 2019 and after that, he claimed a gold medal at the Fujairah ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships. The current Japanese youth team has four amazing future hopes and the Kielce edition could be their most sensational one during the event’s history.

Kira won his opening contest against Brazil’s Ronald Ribeiro by RSC on the second competition day and faced another South American boxer on Day 3, Colombia’s Juan Sebastian Palacios. The Colombian talent was not able to use his longer reach and height advantage during the bout because of Kira’s incredible speed. The Japanese boxer landed dozens of effective punches in the bout which means he can fight in the quarter-final of the flyweight (52kg) with Uzbekistan’s Shakhzod Muzaffarov who eliminated the first Kazakh in Kielce, Kenzhe Muratuly.

Great session for Azerbaijan in Kielce

Azerbaijan’s former EUBC European Junior Champion Ali Zamanov had issues against Thailand’s Thanakon Aonyaem in the first round of their flyweight (52kg) contest. The 19-year-old Azeri boxer changed his rhythm and tactic in time in the beginning of the second round against the strong Southeast Asian opponent. His excellent strategy in the third meant that Zamanov could turn back their contest and advanced to the quarter-finals after beating his second opponent.

His fellow, Jalal Gurbanov claimed a gold medal at the Azerbaijan Junior National Championships and competed at the annual EUBC European Junior Boxing Championships in 2017. Following that he was unable to reach the top national team until the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. Gurbanov was motivated and used his longer reach against Hungary’s Ferenc Samu in the first and second rounds. The Hungarian produced a great finish but his impressive last round was not enough against Gurbanov, therefore, Azerbaijan won their contests in the session.