India’s Vikas caused the main sensation on the Day 2 of YWCHs

April 14th, 2021 / IBA

Further 22 preliminary contests were in the official schedule of the afternoon session of the second competition day in the AIBA Youth Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships. India’s Vikas had only one international tournament during his whole career until Kielce but he eliminated a two-time EUBC European Youth Champion from Bulgaria Yasen Radev delivering the main sensation of the session.

Boxers from the men’s flyweight (52kg), the light welterweight (64kg) and the heavyweight (91kg) were in action in the afternoon session in Kielce. Altogether 414 boxers including 140 women from 52 different countries are attending the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in Poland.

Nicaragua’s Nelson Guerrero eliminated a tough European at the men’s flyweight (52kg)

Nicaragua’s Nelson Guerrero won a Central American tournament one year ago and in that event, he defeated the region’s best boxers. Nicaragua sent two boxers to the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships and among them, Guerrero opened his campaign in the afternoon session of the second competition day.

The Nicaraguan flyweight (52kg) boxer started the first round better than Romania’s Marco Antonio Manea who did not find the best fighting distance in the opening minutes. The Romanian achieved a silver medal in their Youth National Cup but received the right to compete in Kielce where he produced a better second phase. Manea was not enough active in the contest, therefore, Guerrero could advance to the last 16.

Russia’s Evgenii Zhorov regained his place in the national team and won his debuting contest

Zhorov had excellent schoolboys and junior results but in the recent two years, he was not able to secure his place in the Russian youth squad. Following his hard work, he regained his place in the team and he was selected to attend the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. He had a tough opponent as first, Belarus’ Uladzislau Smalouski who won several international tournaments during his career. Both rivals knew each other from international youth competitions. The Belarusian boxer moved forward while Zhorov worked from a longer distance and jumped in to reach Smalouski with counter-attacks. The Russian was able to follow his own gameplay and defeated one of the dangerous rivals in the men’s flyweight (52kg).

India’s Vikas Singh caused the biggest sensation of the session

India’s Vikas Singh competed in a few regional and national events between 2015 and 2019 but he was not the favorite in the afternoon session against Bulgaria’s two-time EUBC European Youth Champion Yasen Radev. The Bulgarian won all of his major continental events and international tournaments, therefore, he was named as the main gold medal contender of the men’s flyweight (52kg).

The Indian achieved a bronze medal in the 2020 Danas Pozniakas Youth Tournament in Lithuania one year ago and moved up to the flyweight (52kg). He has done a fantastic development in the recent year and he was stronger in the exchanges. Radev was not able to go closer to his Indian opponent and Vikas’ tactical superiority continued until the end of the contest. Vikas was quick and fresh enough in the third round to eliminate the gold medal contender of the category.