Inaugural Website boosts the Magnificent AIBA Pro Boxing

July 16th, 2014 / All

The International Boxing Association AIBA announces today the launch of the inaugural AIBA Pro Boxing website (

The timing of the launch of the APB website on Wednesday July 16 was set as such to celebrate the countdown of the ‘100 Days to Go’ campaign, until the beginning of the pre-ranking phase of its revolutionary competition program AIBA Pro Boxing (APB), starting on October 24.

APB’s new website features an enhanced commercial orientation, including increased opportunities for branding and advertising.

Initially, visitors will have the opportunity to view news updates, boxers’ profiles, a full schedule and image and video gallery content to keep fans of AIBA’s groundbreaking new tournament up-to-date with all that is happening in the world of APB.

A second phase of the website will be released in the later part of October, in line with the new APB season, and visitors will be able to view updated schedules, rankings and results.

Through the use of categorisation, visitors can also search and filter content most relevant to them.

The site will eventually be available to view in three different languages: English, Spanish and Russian; and integrates with APB’s social media platforms.