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IBA supports and encourages its boxers on their way to Paris via qualifier in Busto Arsizio

March 13th, 2024 / IBA, Paris Warriors

The International Boxing Association (IBA) provides full support to its athletes on their way to Paris 2024 and beyond. The IBA delegation at the qualification event in Busto Arsizio worked closely with the Italian Boxing Federation (FPI) to support their efforts for participating boxers.

Out of almost 600 participants, only 49 boxers have received their ticket to Paris 2024 after 9 days of intense bouts, having joined those, who have qualified via continental events earlier. Among the 49, 44 boxers represent IBA National Federations.

‘We have done a lot with our athletes over the last couple of years, and all our boxers are home-grown. Now we come to a juncture with the qualification process for the next stage of Olympic Games. All our key events allow boxers to get the bout volume which is crucial for them to get an opportunity to take that chance, qualify and then move on to a next stage. It’s clearly something that we like to see, and we support them on this journey,’ IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts said.

Speaking about IBA’s mission in Busto Arsizio, he went on to say, ‘Every athlete has a unique story and personality, we want to understand what is important to them. That’s why we are here. We want to listen to their voice, to understand how we can play a role in changing their future. We have that already but it’s a key to understand what they are doing here and how they feel. There are a lot of positive vibes about what we are doing here. Without the IBA there is no boxing. What makes me specifically proud is that everybody is working towards one goal. There is unity within IBA Family wherever they perform.

The IBA is proud of its boxers that could make it to Paris. This is a great testimony to the fact that all efforts of IBA have paid off with the excellent results of the athletes. Two among those qualified in Italy were supported earlier by IBA’s Financial Support Program (FSP). Ingrit Valencia from Colombia and Maria Moronta Hernandez from Dominican Republic who made it to the decisive competition round and managed to win and get their quotas. 

The last opportunity to get remaining quotas will be at the second Qualifiers in Bangkok, Thailand from 26 May – 2 June 2024. 

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IBA supports its athletes on their way to Paris