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IBA successfully delivers the second multi-module R&J Instructor course in Assisi, Italy

March 20th, 2024 / IBA Courses

IBA reaffirms its commitment to quality education for all (SDG4) by promoting lifelong learning opportunities for the most willing cohort of its personnel during the second edition of the IBA ITO/R&J Evaluator/R&J Instructor Course which concluded on 7 March 2024 at the European Boxing Academy in Assisi, Italy. The training was attended by 10 candidates with a high level of experience in and around the ring, who represent 10 countries and 3 Confederations.

The course program consisted of three development modules aimed at providing advanced knowledge of the International Technical Officials (ITO) work and operational standards both inside and outside of the Field of Play (FOP), with an emphasis on the Referees and Judges (R&J) evaluation process and the ethics surrounded our mentoring plans for the future.

The first module covered the description of the International Technical Officials roles, including their main functions, and expanded on key developments in boxing and recent changes in the IBA Technical and Competition Rules. It included extensive ‘hands-on work’ that incorporated training in the FOP and two-steps practical assessment, alongside both the written and oral exams organized as part of the recently updated program for the IBA ITO Courses.

The second compulsory module focussed on extensive R&J evaluation practice including a digital literacy package to ensure our education personnel are up-to date with the very latest teaching methodologies. Each candidate was provided with a range of intensive exercises both for Referee and Judge evaluators along comprehensive feedback from the Instructors.

The third module focused on the teaching techniques and skills inherent to be a good educator, with those organizational aspects and educational processes in the sport, including ethics and diversity awareness.

‘Participating in the course has been an enriching educational voyage,’ the course participant from India, Manoj Kumar, said. ‘Through comprehensive modules and hands-on training, I have delved deep into those nuances of boxing officiating, gaining a profound understanding of the rules, techniques, and ethical considerations inherent to the role. The interactive nature of the course, coupled with insightful feedback from experienced instructors, Ms Sadie Duffy, and Mr John Waith, has fostered my growth as a competent referee, judge, evaluator and Instructor.’

He went on to say, ‘Furthermore, the opportunity to exchange perspectives and experiences with fellow participants has broadened my horizons and enriched the learning process. As I continue this journey, I carry with me not only newfound knowledge and skills but also a heightened sense of responsibility to uphold the integrity and fairness of the sport. I am grateful to the IBA and the Boxing Federation of India for giving me the chance to be part of such a dynamic and supportive learning community. I look forward to applying these new learning skills in both my professional and personal capacities to promote boxing at all levels.’

The IBA would like to express its gratitude to the European Boxing Academy and Italian Boxing Federation for their continued support of the IBA development programs and for providing all the facilities required for a successful delivery of the course. We stay mindful that lifelong learning remains a key to the qualitative growth of our organization and its people. IBA is extremely keen to support such initiatives across its large and remarkably diverse boxing community, and is eager to support its personnel committed to those core values and aspirations of the organization.