Board of Directors

IBA follows up on McLaren’s findings, declares CK Wu persona non grata

November 5th, 2022 / Board of Directors

Former AIBA President CK Wu has been unanimously declared persona non grata in IBA and the boxing family for his activity in the past that led to the current IBA suspension. According to the IBA Board of Directors’ decision, CK Wu will not be invited to any IBA and Continental events, as well as to any IBA-owned and IBA-sanctioned competitions.

Independent investigation showed that CK Wu and his regime became the reason for the tension between AIBA and the IOC.

Violations of financial and organizational management as well as sporting integrity were among the wrongdoings that were proven by the McLaren Independent Investigation Team (MIIT) to take place in the past within AIBA. MIIT report stated that CK Wu bears ultimate responsibility for the failures of officiating at Rio and the qualifying events, as well as for corrupt activity in the behaviors of the officials.

‘They say that corruption within AIBA took place, but this corruption has a name. His name is CK Wu. We should speak plainly without avoiding unpleasant or embarrassing issues. We do not afraid to reveal the truth. We need to decide once and for all, forget the past and put a full stop. We have to be strict, all those involved must be banned for a lifetime. We take a decision that these people will not ever take part in any IBA activities,’ IBA President Umar Kremlev said.

IBA Ordinary Congress 2022

The amendments to the Constitution have been presented today to the IBA Board of Directors, which voted in favor to transfer them all to voting at the IBA Ordinary Congress 2022.

These amendments include the elevation of the Vice-President role to the First Vice-President and Secretary General to the CEO of the IBA. According to the amendments, athletes affiliated to a suspended National Federation would not be deprived of their rights to take a part in the competitions under their national flag and anthem but without any symbols of the suspended National Federation. The minimum number of meetings of the IBA Board of Directors increases from 3 to 6 times per year. Annual fees for National Federations are recommended to be waived. The independence of the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit is improved.

‘We should not deprive athletes of their anthem and flag, whatever happens. Because medals are secondary. It concerns all athletes in the world,’ IBA President Umar Kremlev said.

The IBA Ordinary Congress will take place in a hybrid format in the UAE in December. The Board voted for the new dates to hold the Congress, which will be followed by the re-established Global Boxing Forum. The agenda of the Ordinary Congress was approved by the Board, it includes the annual report of the IBA Secretary General and approval of the amended Constitution. The agenda also includes a discussion of the McLaren Group Report about (A)IBA and follow-up.

R&Js management

The Board also discussed the work of Referees and Judges (R&Js) and its possible improvement with more random elements and rankings.

‘We need to change the culture of our officials instead of forbidding things, as this is more efficient,’ President Kremlev said. ‘There were no issues with refereeing and judging at the latest IBA Men’s World Championships in Serbia and IBA Women’s World Championships in Turkey because McLaren’s team did a great job, vet the officials and selected the best. R&Js need to know that their work will be closely assessed.’

The Bout Review Rule was reintroduced for all IBA competitions.