IBA expands in Oceania as Aotearoa New Zealand International Boxing Association is granted provisional membership

June 6th, 2024 / OCBC

New Zealand takes its place on the IBA map, as Aotearoa New Zealand International Boxing Association has become an IBA provisional member following the Board of Directors mail vote decision.

The IBA is expanding in Oceania and the country’s entry into the IBA framework marks this significant development.

The reestablishment of New Zealand as a key player within the IBA is a testament to the country’s robust dedication to boxing excellence. Aotearoa New Zealand International Boxing Association’s provisional membership signifies a new chapter in the nation’s boxing narrative, reflecting both a commitment to fostering local talent and adhering to international standards of the sport.

IBA’s expansion strategy in Oceania aims to cultivate a vibrant boxing community across the region. The inclusion of the new National Federation is a strategic move to promote the sport and enhance competitive opportunities for athletes in New Zealand. This provisional membership is expected to facilitate a greater exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise between New Zealand and other member nations.

Aotearoa New Zealand International Boxing Association has demonstrated its governance standards, ethical compliance, and a clear vision for the sport’s development. This membership grants New Zealand boxers the opportunity to participate in IBA events and developing programs.

IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE emphasized the importance of this move in his statement: ‘The inclusion of Aotearoa New Zealand International Boxing Association aligns with our broader vision to strengthen boxing across all continents. Oceania has strong boxers and successful coaches, and we are committed to supporting its growth, development and ensuring that every nation has the opportunity to excel.’

As a provisional member, the new National Federation will work closely with IBA to ensure all standards and requirements are met.

‘This pivotal development heralds a new chapter for boxing in New Zealand, paving the way for enhanced growth, development, and international opportunities for our athletes,’ the President of the National Federation Doug Viney said. ‘We are honored to be granted provisional membership by the IBA. This is a testament to our commitment to elevating the sport of boxing in New Zealand and providing our athletes with the best possible opportunities to succeed. We look forward to working closely with IBA and leveraging their resources and expertise to develop a vibrant and successful boxing community here in New Zealand. Our federation is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, sportsmanship, and inclusivity. We are excited about the future of boxing in New Zealand and the positive impact this partnership with IBA will have on our athletes and the broader sporting community.’

OCBC Youth & Junior Oceania Boxing Championships that takes place in Tahiti from 1-7 July 2024 will become the first event for the newly established National Federation. The IBA has played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this championships by providing essential funding support of $100,000 USD under its Financial Support Program (FSP). This financial assistance underscores IBA’s commitment to nurturing young talent, supporting its Confederations, and promoting the sport of boxing across the globe.