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IBA Cut Technician course in Tashkent to continue the development program in boxing

April 24th, 2023 / IBA Courses

A broad number of topics from hand wrapping techniques to facial injury care is to be covered at the IBA Cut Technician course in Tashkent alongside the backdrop of the IBA Men’s World Boxing Championships. The course will take place from 1-4 May, with the final examination to take place on the last day.

Led by one of the IBA’s most experienced instructors, Mr Denis Kolesnik, this course is the 4th iterations for the cut technicians in five months of 2023. The IBA educational program is designed to cover both theoretical and practical education for coaches, doctors, and physiotherapists who wish to learn to become cut technicians. A basic knowledge of the subject is preferred for attendance to the course.

IBA Development Director, Chris Roberts OBE commented on the value of strong training objectives built within our cut technicians’ education.

‘The cut technicians play an important role in boxing, as, firstly, they prepare the athletes’ hands for the bout. Hand-wrapping technologies differ, however, the importance of safety always prevails. Our instructors have extensive experience in boxing and are happy to pass across their knowledge to the next generation and the future of the sport. It is worth mentioning that the protection from cuts and facial injury may well sometimes be at the detriment of the bout result, so nobody should underestimate the significant impact of a good cut technician,’ Roberts stressed.

Speaking about the profession of the cut technician, Denis Kolesnik mentioned that practice is key to success.

‘The skills of the cut technician should be constantly improved by facing new situations that may vary from minor issues to the most serious injuries. A good cut technician has to be well-prepared and equipped with all the IBA-approved tools and medicament for the ringside work. The same importance is the ability, knowledge and understanding to apply the tools at the right time,’ Kolesnik mentioned.

He also added that the work should be done discreetly for the seconds, as coaches are concentrated on delivering their support to their boxers during the breaks.

‘While it depends on the situation, the cut technicians should not interfere with the coaches’ work. To avoid this, all interactions during the breaks should be agreed upon in advance. There are situations when only cut technicians can “save” the bout, then they take the place of the coach in the ring. If one finds themselves in an emergency situation, then one should remain calm and begin to act strictly in a sequence that corresponds to a certain type of injury,’ the instructor added.

After the program for the IBA Cut Technician courses was updated, the IBA launched a series of Cut Technician courses for different continents within their respective international championships. The first course in 2023 took place in January in Thailand within the ASBC U22 Championships having gathered coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and other interested parties from the Asian region to broaden their knowledge of all aspects of cut technician work both behind the scenes and at ringside.

The second course took place in Morocco during the World Boxing Tour event, Golden Belt Series, and brought together participants not only from the African region but also from other countries that were present at the first IBA World Boxing Tour event this year. The third course has just concluded during the recent IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in India, which was attended by team representatives from all around the world. Each IBA Cut Technician course also included workshops for coaches in the warm-up area both pre and post bouts.

In total, all courses have gathered more than 50 participants and the upcoming course within the IBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Uzbekistan is going to bring together more students. We look forward to receiving all for in order to maintain the constant education of our people, and the vision of IBAs Continuous Professions Development (CPD) program.