International Boxing Association condemns terrorism and stands in solidarity with victims in “Crocus”

March 23rd, 2024 / IBA

In the wake of the recent terror attack at “Crocus” in Moscow, the International Boxing Association (IBA) stands firm in its condemnation of all acts of terrorism. Such heinous acts not only bring devastation to the victims and their families but also strike at the very heart of our shared humanity.

The IBA expresses its deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones in this senseless act of violence. Our hearts go out to them in this time of unimaginable grief. We also extend our unwavering support to those who have been injured, hoping for their swift recovery and sending them strength during their journey to healing.

Terrorism, in all its forms, is an egregious violation of human rights and undermines the principles of peace, justice, and solidarity that the IBA upholds. It inflicts pain and suffering indiscriminately, targeting innocent civilians who have done nothing to provoke such brutality.

The boxing community, with its ethos of discipline, respect, and fair play, stands united against terrorism. Our sport teaches us the values of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity. We believe in resolving conflicts through dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect, not through violence and terror.

It is imperative for all nations, organizations, and individuals to come together in a concerted effort to combat terrorism and its root causes. This requires not only a robust response from law enforcement and security agencies but also addressing the underlying grievances that fuel extremism and violence.

The IBA reaffirms its commitment to promoting peace, tolerance, and solidarity across borders. We call upon governments, civil society organizations, and individuals worldwide to join hands in rejecting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

As we mourn the lives lost and stand in solidarity with the victims of the “Crocus” terror attack in Moscow, let us renew our resolve to build a world where peace and harmony prevail, where every individual can live without fear of violence or persecution.

Together, let us strive for a future where the gloves are only worn in the boxing ring, where conflicts are resolved through dialogue and understanding, and where the human spirit triumphs over hatred and division.

In unity and solidarity,

IBA Family