IBA Champions Night

IBA Champions’ Night presents: McGregor and Yan staredown 

December 10th, 2023 / IBA Champions Night

The 8th edition of the IBA Champions’ Night in Dubai was truly memorable for all spectators and fans alike, as superstar fighters Conor McGregor and Petr Yan had a staredown officiated by IBA President Umar Kremlev.

The excited fans of the Agenda Arena captured the historical moment on their phones to share it on social media worldwide. IBA publishes unique shots of the faceoff of the two legends in the IBA ring on 9 December 2023. 

Later on, Conor McGregor awarded the winner of the bout for the first-ever IBA Pro World Champion title where Russian Albert Batyrgaziev won Lazaro Alvarez in a 10-round bout. Batyrgaziev earned an unprecedented $300,000 prize money while Alvarez was awarded a $200,000 certificate. McGregor closed the champion’s belt on Batyrgaziev and congratulated him on the well-deserved victory.  

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McGregor vs Petr Yan staredown