IBA announces approved Olympic Qualification System for Paris 2024 athletes

February 20th, 2023 / IBA

Lausanne, Switzerland – The International Boxing Association (IBA) has announced its approved Olympic Qualification System (OQS) for athletes to compete at the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

With less than 18 months to Paris 2024 and numerous delays on a clear International Olympic Committee (IOC) process being announced for Paris 2024 qualification, the IBA has taken upon itself as the international governing body of boxing to provide a clear process and pathway for its athletes to qualify for Paris 2024. The IBA OQS decision was unanimously taken by National Federations at the IBA Ordinary Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The IBA reiterates its commitment to providing clarity for its athletes, coaches, and technical officials as they prepare for the biggest celebration of boxing in 2024.

The IBA Olympic Qualification System (OQS) which will be implemented at Paris 2024 was approved by the IOC Executive Board on 1 April 2022 where IBA praised the IOC for the approval of process rooted in fairness, clarity, and accessibility, and based on athlete performance at IBA events.

The announcement of the IBA OQS for Paris 2024, is a necessary step to protect our athletes as the IOC proposed qualification process consisting of one competition is not acceptable and fair for the athletes. To exclude World Champions from the upcoming Women’s and Men’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi, India and Tashkent, Uzbekistan from qualifying for Paris 2024 is not acceptable and against the principles of sport and boxing.

The upcoming IBA World Boxing Championships in New Delhi and Tashkent will be main qualification events for Paris 2024. To give all athletes the right to compete at the World Boxing Championships and not be the victim of the political games of a few National Federations, the IBA uses an open process for registration for athletes from the boycotting nations to compete at the World Boxing Championships.

In addition to the open process for athlete registration, the IBA has declared its utmost commitment to doing whatever possible including financial aid through its Financial Support Program (FSP) to ensure that all boycotting National Federation athletes are able to fight for glory and achieve their dream of becoming a World Champion. Any athlete or coach of a boycotted National Federation who would like to participate in the IBA World Boxing Championships, can directly register for the World Boxing Championships by contacting

Furthermore, the qualification for Continental Games will be based in the results of the IBA Confederations Continental Championships with the IBA athlete rankings being the basic tool for the final selection of athletes for Paris 2024.

The IBA reiterates its openness to cooperate with the IOC for the benefit of the boxing, its athletes, and the stability and quality of the Olympic Games product. In addition, no other qualification process for Paris 2024 will be accepted by the IBA and the boxing community other than the following: Women’s World Boxing Championships, Men’s World Boxing Championships, and the final last chance to qualify open event taking place in May 2024. IBA and Continental ranking quotas will be used, working alongside our Confederations, plus three Golden Series events, to include Host Country and Universality places.

Please find the following link to view the: International Boxing Association Qualification System – Games of the XXXIII Olympiad – Paris 2024.

The IBA offers prize money fund for the medallists of both World Boxing Championships. IBA secured the amount of $2.4 million USD for the women’s event in New Delhi, which guarantees the participating boxers in each of 12 weight categories $100,000 USD for the winner, while the silver medallists receive $50,000 USD, and bronze ones earn $25,000 USD each.

For the men’s event in Tashkent, the prize money was doubled this year, and the overall fund of the tournament is $5.2 million USD. All 13 weight categories gold, silver and bronze medallists are to receive $200,000 USD, $100,000 USD and $50,000 USD prize money, respectively.