IBA Champions Night

Hasanboy Dusmatov crowned IBA Pro World Flyweight Champion in home victory

April 15th, 2024 / IBA Champions Night

The Humo Arena, at capacity, bore witness to the crowning of the first-ever IBA Pro World Flyweight Champion during the IBA Champions’ Night, marking a significant triumph in the sport. Local favorite Hasanboy Dusmatov secured a victory against Samuel Carmona of Spain by a unanimous decision.
The legendary Hall of Fame ring announcer, Michael Buffer, introduced the two main events of the evening, heightening the excitement in the arena.
Dusmatov and Carmona delivered a thrilling 10-round bout filled with intense exchanges that had the audience on its feet, cheering vigorously for each successful combination from their hometown hero. By the end of the bout, all three judges had scored in Dusmatov’s favor: 99:91, 100:90, and 97:93. IBA President Umar Kremlev presented Dusmatov, affectionately known as “Professor,” with the championship belt.
In the co-main event, Russian boxer Artem Suslenkov dominated every round against Michael Hunter of the USA. This clash of super heavyweights saw Suslenkov pressing forward aggressively, while Hunter attempted counterattacks. Suslenkov successfully anticipated and countered Hunter’s strategies, effectively using body punches to clinch an 8-round victory.
The undercard featured six fights, with Uzbek boxers victorious in each one.
Rising star Jakhongir Zokirov of Uzbekistan, a youth World champion, faced Croatian boxer Agron Smakici, boasting a 20-2 professional record. Both boxers began the fight cautiously, and although it’s hard to expect a high pace from super heavyweights, it was evident that the young Uzbek did not want to rush things and was studying his opponent. The caution was warranted, as the Croatian is an experienced boxer and serves as a sparring partner to some of the world’s top stars. Both fighters tested each other’s chins with solid strikes, but Zokirov was often more precise. He set the pace of the fight, using his size advantage to prefer fighting from a longer distance. Despite the disparity in age and experience, Zokirov led confidently throughout the bout, securing a unanimous victory by a wide margin.
Asadkhuja Muydinkhujaev, defending IBA World champion from Uzbekistan, participated in his first-ever 8-round contest against Fatih Keles of Türkiye at 67kg. The Uzbek outplayed his opponent using speed and movement. Keles relied on closing the distance in a closed stance and launching hooks during the Uzbek’s attacks. However, Muydinkhujaev quickly adapted to this tactic, acting preemptively, skilfully breaking the distance after his own attacks, and frequently delivering strikes that penetrated his opponent’s block. Muydinkhujaev’s performance left no room for Keles to challenge, resulting in another confident unanimous victory.
In an explosive 6-round opener in the 75kg division, Uzbek Alokhon Abdullaev consistently landed powerful punches against Otgonjargal Jargal from Mongolia. Abdullaev’s superior footwork allowed him to dodge attacks and counter effectively, culminating in a stunning one-two combination that floored Jargal in the fifth round, leading to a knockout victory.
IBA World Championships 2017 silver medalist Ikboljon Kholdorov faced Sagadat Rakhmankul from Kazakhstan at 71kg. Despite being pushed to the corners of the ring, Kholdorov’s agility and pressure in the fifth round and further earned him a unanimous decision.
In the 63.5kg category, Uzbek Mujibullo Tursunov competed against Tanzanian Juma Chocki Ramadhani. Tursunov controlled the fight, managing to unsettle Chocki by the end of the first round. His relentless pressure and mastery of distance culminated in a victory celebrated enthusiastically by the audience.
Lastly, Elnur Abduraimov of Uzbekistan faced Carlos Ornelas from Mexico in the 60kg division in a fiercely contested bout. Despite taking a heavy cross from Ornelas, Abduraimov persevered, delivering precise punches that led to a unanimous decision in his favor, much to the delight of the crowd.
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