Good governance principles at the core of IBA approach towards suspended National Federations Eindhoven Cup

May 25th, 2023 / IBA

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has duly informed its suspended member, the Dutch Boxing Federation, about the repercussions of holding an unsanctioned international event in Eindhoven.

On 22 May, the IBA suspended seven National Federations, including the Dutch Boxing Federation, for various breaches of the IBA Constitution and Regulations, which deprives all of them of all membership benefits, including hosting of international competitions.

Following that, the Dutch Boxing Federation recklessly ignored the regulations and sent an official communication to the National Federations, stating that they will keep going on with the event. The IBA is forced to reiterate its commitment to protecting the integrity of the Boxing Family and its Constitution. All those entities who decide to breach the rules will trigger an automatic mechanism of the Constitution and Regulations implementation.

IBA Secretary General and CEO George Yerolimpos said. ‘The rules are not applied à la carte and we are following the principles of good governance where each action has its consequences that are applied automatically. There could be no exceptions, we have one Constitution that excludes ambiguity.’