Gibraltar Boxing Association holds fruitful call with International Boxing Association

May 7th, 2024 / IBA

Gibraltar Boxing Association (GBA) representative Kaelan Joyce recently engaged in a productive virtual discussion with Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the International Boxing Association (IBA), along with Alisa Shcherbachenya, IBA’s Director of International Relations. The meeting covered various important topics, including the upcoming international events, the IBA’s Financial Support Program (FSP) opportunities, and the status of grassroots development of Gibraltar boxers.

Joyce and Roberts discussed the recent successful GBA event that took take place on 20 April and saw over 50 boxers compete against each other and marking another milestone for smaller nation that actively invests in boxing.

During the call, the parties exchanged valuable insights and ideas regarding opportunities to enhance the participation of Gibraltar’s talented boxers in IBA and continental events. Both IBA and GBA expressed their commitment to providing aspiring boxers with the necessary resources and guidance to excel and have access to the conditions for success.

The opportunities of IBA’s Financial Support Program (FSP) engaged the IBA and GBA in a comprehensive discussion about FSP objectives and potential benefits for the GBA. The FSP aims to provide financial assistance to the National Federations, enabling them to organize events, conduct training programs, and support boxers in their respective countries. The GBA expressed its interest in exploring the possibilities of accessing this program to further enhance the development of boxing in Gibraltar.

Joyce expressed his gratitude for the productive call with the IBA. He emphasized the significance of such interactions in strengthening international collaborations and fostering the growth of boxing in smaller countries worldwide. Joyce stated, ‘We are delighted to have had the opportunity to discuss these important matters with the IBA. This dialogue has paved the way for future collaborations and has reinforced our commitment to the development of boxing in Gibraltar.’

The call concluded with Joyce and Roberts agreeing to an official IBA visit to the Gibraltar Boxing Association later in the year.