Buenos Aires 2018 – Get to know more about Brazil’s Youth hope Luiz Oliveira

September 26th, 2018 / IBA

With less than 20 days before the bell rings for the first time at the Oceania Pavilion in Buenos Aires, we catch up with one of the most promising Flyweight boxers in the World, Brazil’s Luiz Oliveira, AIBA Youth World Championships bronze medalist.


When and why did you start boxing?
I am coming from a boxing family and this sport has always been part of my life. But I only started training with my father at 10.

Tell us more about your family and roots.
My family has always supported me. This is normal if we take a look at my father, a former boxer, and also to my grandfather. He (Servílio de Oliveira) was the first Brazilian boxer to win a medal (bronze) at the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. Boxing is kind of a family business and for me it was a natural step to get into the noble art.

What does boxing bring to your life?
Boxing means all for me. I learned respect, sacrifice, education, commitment, etc. through boxing. It has helped me to become the person I am, and I will definitely keep learning and evolving in life thanks to boxing.

How many hours per week do you train?
I train every day of the week and, normally, I do two sessions of two hours per day. It is difficult to combine my studies with a high-level training regime, but I do my best. I go to school in the morning and after I do a first session in the afternoon and another one during night.

How do you define yourself as a boxer?
I am a passive boxer. I always stay more defensive, keeping the distance and trying to counter punch properly. It is the sweet science of boxing, punch without getting punched.

What do you expect from the upcoming Youth Olympic Games?
I want to give all what I have inside me during the competition and come back home with a medal around my neck. It will be incredible for me and my family. Fifty years ago, my grandfather went to the Olympics and brought back home a bronze medal, I want to do the same but changing the bronze for the gold.


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