False allegations sent by email to AIBA’s member federations on 11 December 2020; Boris van der Vorst

February 3rd, 2021 / IBA

Dear National Federations,

I am coming back to the email sent to you the day before the Congress of 12/13 December 2020 in relation to allegations made against Mr. Boris van der Vorst. All these allegations are wrong and misleading respectively harmful to AIBA’s election process.

The sender of this email was „aiba election” with an address „”. I hereby confirm to all of you that this is not an official email address used by AIBA and such email was not sent by the AIBA administration. So far we were not yet able to find the person behind this email who tried to discredit Mr. Boris van der Vorst. I confirm, however, that the Election Committee checked all candidates for the presidential election, including Mr. Boris van der Vorst and it could not find any facts corresponding to the allegations made in this email of 11 December 2020. Therefore, such allegations were false and had the only scope to discredit Mr. Boris van der Vorst.

The members of the Election Committee were shocked to see all the disinformation happening before and even during the Congress of 12/13 December 2020, including the before mentioned email. Such behavior is not only unfair, but it clearly goes against the AIBA Statutes and Regulations. After this experience, I hope that all members of the AIBA family will continue to comply with the applicable regulations and help to exclude such persons trying to discredit candidates and with this AIBA as an international federation based democratic rules.


Yours sincerely,

Bernhard Welten

Chair of the Ethics Committee


The letter can be read here