EUBC to host Integrity Forum in Belgrade prior to European Boxing Championships

April 17th, 2024 / EUBC

In a significant move to bolster ethics in sports, the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) has scheduled an Integrity Forum on 17 April at the Hotel Jugoslavija in Belgrade, Serbia. The event, set to take place at 14:00 CEST, is strategically organized ahead of the Men’s and Women’s European Boxing Championship, emphasizing the importance of integrity among participants.

The Integrity Forum is specifically designed for athletes, coaches, and their support personnel. Its primary objective is to highlight the crucial role of an Integrity Code in sports and address the integrity challenges within the boxing community. This initiative reflects EUBC’s commitment to fostering a culture of honesty and respect in the sport.

The Integrity Forum organized by the EUBC includes several key sessions, each presented by experts in their fields, to address various aspects of integrity in boxing.

The Forum will be opened by Alessandro Oliverio, EUBC Legal Counsel, who will discuss the adoption of the Integrity Code. His presentation will explore the legal frameworks and ethical necessities that underpinned the EUBC’s decision, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the code’s importance.

Following that, Prof. Dr. Marija Andjelkovic, a member of the EUBC Ethics Committee, will delve into anti-doping efforts, which serve as a cornerstone of integrity and respect in sports. She will highlight the latest developments in doping controls and discuss the ethical implications of doping, underscoring the commitment to clean sport as a fundamental principle.

Jean Francois Reymond, Chairperson of the EUBC Ethics Committee, will then address the topic of gambling in sports. His talk will focus on the dangers and legalities associated with betting in boxing, offering essential insights and guidelines that athletes and their support personnel need to understand.

Lastly, Prof. Dr. Nenad Dikic, EUBC Safeguarding Officer, will cover the rights and responsibilities of athletes and their support teams. His session is designed to empower participants with knowledge of their legal and ethical obligations, fostering a safer and more respectful sporting environment.

These discussions aim to enhance the understanding of integrity issues within boxing, ensuring that all participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge to uphold the highest ethical standards.

The forum will conclude with a Q&A session, offering an opportunity for attendees to engage directly with the speakers and clarify any doubts regarding the topics discussed.

The EUBC’s proactive approach in organizing the Integrity Forum underscores its dedication to maintaining high ethical standards in boxing. By educating and empowering its community, the EUBC hopes to instill lasting values of integrity and respect, essential for the sport’s continued success and reputation.

Participants and interested parties are encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussions, reinforcing the collective commitment to upholding the integrity of boxing at all levels.