EUBC Congress welcomes address from IBA President Umar Kremlev

July 14th, 2023 / General

President of the International Boxing Association (IBA) Umar Kremlev addressed the Congress of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC), held yesterday in Istanbul, Türkiye. The President greeted the delegates and voiced his encouragement for the member nations.

The Extraordinary EUBC Congress was attended by 34 European countries. President of the International Boxing Association (IBA) Umar Kremlev, President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) Ioannis Filippatos, Honorary President of EUBC Franco Falcinelli and Interim Secretary General and CEO of the IBA Chris Roberts delivered welcoming speeches.

At the Congress, delegates unanimously decided to amend the EUBC Constitution. An equally important topic on the agenda was the introduction of the Integrity Code.

The most important item on the agenda was the issue of EUBC’s approach to the selection of athletes. The European Boxing Confederation calls on all national European boxing federations to admit all athletes on equal terms and rights without political aspects. Sports should stay autonomous and neutral in relation to politics.

‘Our gathering today manifests our unity and dedication. I extend my gratitude for your invaluable contributions and for the time you devote to our sport. The path ahead with the EUBC is paved with numerous projects, and our principal aim remains unaltered – to establish the best conditions for our boxers and coaches. Our help is the foundation of the trust our community places in us. As a child, I lacked the means for purchase of equipment, food, for trips to tournaments. That motivates me the most now to make boxers today have everything they need. That is why I am visiting countries, presenting children with gloves, headguards and the opportunity to provide for themselves. We must instill in parents that boxing serves as a tool for upward mobility for all,’ President Kremlev stated.

The President also touched upon the Olympics, declaring, ‘I am thrilled that boxing retains its place in Olympic program, and am convinced that the IBA will return its recognition, there is no doubt. The Olympics are crucial to us since it is an event, but fans are coming to watch the athletes, their techniques, and the beauty of the sport, not the sports officials. Despite the IOC’s extremely disappointing decision which does not reflect transparency and democracy, we are resolved to fix it. Adherence to our values, IBA Constitution and our independence is paramount. The IBA will continue to operate and promote boxing globally, ensuring that boxing remains untouched by unscrupulous politics.’

Furthermore, President Kremlev suggested establishing a European Boxing Cup with a prize fund of $1M. Moreover, IBA will continue to allocate $50,000 USD as a financial support to the National Federations and this amount will be increased to $100,000 the following year.

‘All revenue we generate must be directed towards the boxers, who dedicate their existence to the sport. Boxing is not a mere pastime for them, but their full-time vocation, deserving of proper compensation. To ascend to the pinnacle, we must relentlessly elevate our standards. Our actions should be a source of pride, not embarrassment. While challenges come and go, unity propels us forward. We must continue to provide our children with fair opportunities through boxing. To this end, I will persistently advocate our values,’ concluded the IBA President.

Within the framework of the Congress, a new EUBC office in Monaco, Monte Carlo was presented to be opened in September this year. At the same time, the office in Assisi, Italy will remain the EUBC headquarters.