Education takes center stage at the Youth Women’s & Men’s World Boxing Championships in Budapest

August 25th, 2018 / IBA

During the 2018 Youth World Championships, AIBA’s development programme has harnessed the gathered expertise of its technical official’s specialists to host a series of courses and seminars for coaches, ITO’s and R&Js. Education has always been a central element of the International Boxing Association and impacts at every level of the sport, with AIBA prioritising several of its key competitions as opportunities to host these events.



AIBA 2-Stars Coach Course
From August 10th to 16th, 21 coaches from 8 different national federations members attended the first course scheduled in Budapest. For six days, the AIBA Coaches Commission chairperson, Mr Adam Kusior, conducted a 2-Stars Coach certification course including a vast range of training methods, technics and practical exercises.


ITO Certification Course
Instructed by AIBA executive committee member Canada’s Mr Pat Fiacco on August 17 – 18, nine nationalities were represented among the 13 participants. The group went through two intense work days to ensure that all international officials are knowledgeable about the rules, that they can make the right decisions during AIBA Competitions and maintain fair play and neutrality for the benefit of all competitors.


Ringside Doctors
With the objective to certify new Ringside Doctors on the road to the AIBA Elite World Championships 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, a certification course was held from August 19 – 21 by the experienced doctor Mr Ioannis Filippatos. A total of 16 doctors from 11 national federations took part on the seminar, that clearly define the Ringside Doctors main duties throughout a competition, as well as important AIBA rules related to medical procedures.


Cutmen Certification course
Between August 23 – 36, the Cutmen seminar, directed by Mr Joseph Clifford, teaches hand-wrapping best practice to 20 representatives from 13 National Federations. Correct teaching is vital in order for coaches to share the knowledge with their teams, and the seminars and sessions are set to be a recurring theme at AIBA competitions.