Denmark’s Yvonne Baek Rasmussen still feels competitive 

April 8th, 2019 / IBA

Denmark boxer Yvonne Baek Rasmussen, a mother of two kids, became the winner of the Nordic Boxing Championships defeated two strong young rivals. She defeated Finland’s European champion Elina Gustafsson and Norway’s No.1 Madeleine Angelsen at the women’s welterweight (69kg) division in Tampere, Finland.

Rasmussen was born on April 3, 1981, and she achieved her first international medal in 2005. She retired after the Ningbo AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships at the end of 2008, and gave birth to two children. And in 2014, Yvone resumed her career. Now she is in better shape than before and she is among the best boxers of the welterweight.

She trains twice a day, helps her children with their school lessons, works in the family agricultural business and drives 90 minutes to her boxing club every single day to be competitive with the world’s best athletes.

“I defeated Gustafsson and Angelsen in Tampere, these strong results showed I am doing the right things in the gym during my preparation. Furthermore, it tells me that I am still at the top of the league and I am able to compete at the highest possible level.

We prepared well tactically and I could follow the game plan and the coaches’ advices. On both fights, I found my focus at the first seconds and I trusted myself. I became stronger, working at the gym, and did plenty of sparrings against boys in Denmark. I am so happy that my hard work paid off in the Nordic Boxing Championships.

I’m proud that I’m still capable to beat top opponents and win gold medals at the age of 38 and being a mother of two wonderful kids. This Nordic Boxing Championships was a milestone for me but now I am focused on my next event – the Cologne Boxing World Cup”,said Rasmussen.