Chinese Boxing Federation awarded Hu Jianguan and Chang Yuan as 2020 “Best in Boxing” elite athletes

September 1st, 2020 / IBA

The Olympic bronze medalist in 52 kg Hu Jianguan is awarded the “Best in Boxing” prize as the 2020 Best Elite Man Boxer in China. Chang Yuan, the Champion of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in 51 kg, became the 2020 Best Elite Woman Boxer of the country.

Both winners are qualified for the next Games, winning the Asian/Oceanian Qualifiers this year.

The Best coach, Zhang Chuanliang is the Head coach of the Chinese national team. Mr. Zhang was elected as the President of the Chinese Boxing Federation in 2018. Since then, he led the national team leaving a series of remarkable results in various big international events.

All the award winners’ list:

  • Best Elite Man Boxer – Hu Jianguan
  • Best Elite Woman Boxer – Chang Yuan
  • Best Coach – Zhang Chuanliang
  • Best Youth Man Boxer – Rehemandu Halimulati
  • Best Youth Woman Boxer – Hu Meiyi
  • Best Cutman – Wang Peiyang
  • Best Ringside Doctor – She Hong
  • Best R&J – Jiao Subin
  • Best Official – You Peina