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Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine: “When I lost my father, I wanted to give up everything”

January 16th, 2024 / Interviews, Paris Warriors

Growing up in a multi-ethnic family with an Italian mother and a Moroccan father, Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine was taught about both cultures with respect and dignity for each other. A successful boxer today, he is twice World Championships silver medallist in the 92kg division and a defending European Games winner.

‘My parents have always respected each other’s cultures and taught me so much about both. I started boxing thanks to my father, we watched the film about Muhammad Ali starring Will Smith for the first time together. Then I understood that I wanted to become a great boxer and a great person like him,’ Mouhiidine said.

He was always supported by his family and coaches Gennaro and Gianluigi Moffa, as well as his fiancée. Although life challenged him a lot, he always found support in his nearest and dearest.

‘The hardest moment of my career was when I lost my father to illness. Back then, I wanted to give up everything. My mother found the right words to make me stay in boxing, because of her help now I fight to make my father even more proud even if he is no longer with us,’ Abbes shared.

With his two IBA World Championships silver medals and prize money earned, Mouhiidine was able to invest in his property.

‘I used part of the cash prize for the house I bought for my fiancée and myself and I saved the rest. It’s really motivating to know that the prizes are doubled, so all the more reasons to become world champion,’ he mentioned.

He dreams about professional boxing while remaining focused on Paris 2024.

‘I was the sparring partner of both Mairis Briedis and Anthony Joshua, and it was a unique and truly amazing experience. With this, I started to approach the world of professional boxing and my goal is to go professional after Paris,’ he said.

‘Now, my goal will be to win the Olympic gold medal in Paris. I have been preparing for this competition all my life and I will be ready, I am working together with my coach Gennaro Moffa and the other Italian boxer, Salvatore Cavallaro,’ Abbes said.

‘I’m a policeman and thanks to the FF.OO sports group I have the opportunity to train and concentrate all my strength on boxing and my university studies. I always try to improve and be unpredictable in the ring,’ he concluded.