IBA Athletes Committee

Athletes’ Committee meets for the first time and elects the second representative onto the IBA Board of Directors 

June 9th, 2022 / IBA Athletes Committee

The new members of the IBA Athletes’ Committee had their first virtual meeting after being elected by registered boxers from all the Confederations that were in attendance at the IBA Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships.  

As required by the IBA Regulations, the new Committee elected the second representative who will join the Chair Lovlina Borgohain on the IBA Board of Directors (BoD). Abner Teixeira from Brazil became the last member of the new BoD.  

Bronze medalist of Tokyo 2020 Abner Teixeira said: “It is a great honor to be elected to this position of responsibility. We have a lot to accomplish to ensure that there is a stable future for the athletes. I look forward to working closely with other members of the Athletes’ Committee and the IBA Board of Directors to inspire young athletes and fans around the world.” 

The Athletes’ Committee also discussed the proposed IBA Competitions Calendar for 2023-2024 and the Olympic Ranking System, which is integral to the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024 pathway that is designed for boxers from each Confederation to have an equal opportunity to qualify for the Games in Paris. 

IBA President Umar Kremlev said: “Participation of the athletes in boxing development is crucial for us. I ask you to promote your ideas because the direct communication with athletes and coaches is the most important thing.” Ukrainian member of the Athletes’ Committee Oleksandr Khizhnyak agreed with President and added: “That is not mere rhetoric, IBA really supports us and shows it with real actions.”

IBA Secretary General Istvan Kovacs added: “It is one of our key priorities to ensure that the voices of the athletes are always heard, especially when new programs and policies are being considered. Athletes are the reason why IBA exists and promotes boxing worldwide. We will incorporate all the valuable insight that we received today before submitting the new event calendar and ranking system to the IBA Board of Directors.” 

The responsibilities of the new members include: providing a forum for IBA to communicate information regarding programs and policies; ensuring that the view and opinions of boxers will be heard and considered within IBA, notably in the context of the ongoing reforms; and supporting IBA’s mission to develop and promote the sport of boxing worldwide. 

The term of office for the newly elected Athletes’ Committee will be until the World Boxing Championships in 2025.