Aleksandar Vučić believes AIBA made boxing more popular in Serbia

July 1st, 2021 / IBA

President of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vučić and AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev held the first meeting of Local Organising Committee of the 2021 AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade.

According to Mr. Vučić, Serbia is ready to show its hospitality at the highest possible level.

‘The AIBA World Championships is a significant event. I am sure you will be surprised by the interest of people and a number of spectators from all Balkan countries. I would like to thank Mr. Kremlev for his hard work and popularization of boxing. Now there are much more children willing to start doing boxing. We will organize all what is essential for our athletes, our country has the necessary experience in event hosting. We have a huge work ahead of us, so I wish all good luck,’ Mr. Vučić said.

The Minister of Sports of Russia Mr. Oleg Matitsyn claimed that it is an honor to work together with Serbia to organize such an important event.

‘Serbia has a huge experience in organization of the events. We are happy to work together to exchange our experience and show unity. We will support Serbia and help her make the boxers’ dreams come true, especially, during the pandemic times,’ Mr. Matitsyn added.

The Minister of Youth and Sports of Serbia Mr. Vanja Udovičić claimed that the government will take all the responsibility to organize the AIBA World Championships properly.

‘We are very happy to have such event in Belgrade. Therefore, our goal is to make everyone happy about it. I would like to thank Russia for the support, we will be reliable partners,’ he mentioned.

AIBA President Mr. Kremlev stressed that he will be involved in the organizational work 24/7.

‘I am extremely happy that in such challenging situation we are able to organize AIBA World Championships at the highest level. I am grateful to Mr. President Vučić that he personally takes part in the preparations and supports the tournament. We will have new weight categories and a lot of top-level stars as Ambassadors of the competition,’ Mr. Kremlev claimed.

AIBA Secretary General Mr. István Kovács underlined the importance of the event.

‘Our goal is to make our sports transparent and clean, and so far, we did a lot to achieve this. This Championships will become a huge event with a lot of innovations, including new scoring system,’ he said.

The President of the Serbian Boxing Federation Mr. Nenad Borovčanin believes that boxing will be ‘raised to the new level’ together with AIBA President.

‘This will be a huge comeback of boxing in Serbia, I am sure that all the top media will cover the event. Serbia has already proved itself as a good organizer of sports events, so I believe this time it will also be exceptional,’ he said.