AIBA’s Interim President backs greater transparency and new management reforms

April 10th, 2018 / All

Gafur Rahimov, the Interim President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), said he was very pleased with the new partnership recently entered into with the Doping-Free Sport Unit (DFSU of the Global Association of the International Sports Federations (GAISF) and on Monday gave his full backing to plans for a series of other new and urgent management reforms.

“I am totally committed to the management and governance reforms now being readied and implemented at AIBA in collaboration with AIBA’s new Executive Director, Tom Virgets,” said Mr. Rahimov, who was named Interim President of AIBA on January 27th of this year. “We are marching forward on improving the transparency of our organization, in AIBA’s governance, on AIBA finances, and on issues such as diversity in boxing and improved refereeing and judging, all in keeping with my promise to the Executive Committee, to the IOC and to National Federations to reform AIBA and make sure it is a worthy member of the Olympic family” he added.

The Interim President said: “No one should question AIBA’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of integrity because it is becoming a reality in real time, with each day that passes. This is our goal.”

Mr. Virgets, AIBA’s new Executive Director, has been working to reestablish trust with the IOC and to thereby protect boxing’s place in the Olympic movement. The Interim President said he fully endorsed the remarks made by Mr. Virgets in a recent podcast interview with Around the Rings Editor, Ed Hula.