AIBA welcomes decision by CAS

October 30th, 2018 / IBA

In regards to the on-going procedure between Serik Konakbayev and AIBA, today the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rendered its decision to uphold the appeal of Mr. Konakbayev.

Given the cooperation and goodwill shown by AIBA in this case as well as the further considerations by CAS, AIBA is pleased to welcome an additional candidate to participate in the election for the role of AIBA President.

As outlined by CAS in their statement, the CAS Panel in charge of this matter conducted an expedited procedure. During their review, the panel found that “the AIBA Election Committee treated all candidates equally and acted in good faith”.

AIBA Interim President, Gafur Rahimov, said, “We thank CAS for their hard work in rendering this decision ahead of this week’s AIBA Congress. As I have always said, the rules that our election committee had to abide by in this process were very complicated and rigid, and now CAS has confirmed that. I am pleased to welcome another candidate and, as I have said before on numerous occasions, for AIBA it is good when we have competition especially at the highest levels, and now we can let the AIBA membership decide who they believe is the best leader to guide our sport out of financial difficulty and towards a sustainable future.”