AIBA WCHs Quotes of the Day 7

October 31st, 2021 / IBA

Quotes of the Day 7 at the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Akash KUMAR (IND) won Caleb TIRADO PAGAN (PUR) – 5:0

I have more attractive approach, but in the end it always depends on the tactics devised by my coach. Many compare ‘hands downstyle, one of the most recognisable traits of my team, to British boxer Naseem ‘Prince’ Hamed but we also have to adapt our technique to the opponents. If the coach says to raise our hands and be in guard, we listen to him. 


Victor SCHELSTRAETE (BEL) eliminated Damir PLANTIC (CRO) – 5:0

This bout was hard because I was exhausted from my the fight I had. Today’s opponent was completely different from the previous one, so the tactics had to be changed. We had a good strategy, I followed it by heart and because of it I was successful. The next contest will be against a fighter either from Slovakia or England. The best advice my coach gave me was stay smart and think fast on your feet.
Keno MACHADO (BRA) defended Hyeongkyo KIM (KOR) – 5:0 
This is my job and my profession, to which I dedicate a lot of time and efforts. Everything I prepare and do at the gym will help me to be better in the ring. The next fight will be against Kongo or Poland and if I win, a medal will be guaranteed. For the upcoming opponent I’m going to get ready and stay focused. When I win I will be happy for my team, my coach and for myself.

Yoel FINOL (VEN)  eliminated Gabriel ESCOBAR (ESP) – 3:2 

I thank God for this victory and that I’m still in the competition. I’m on the right track to winning the Championships that I miss in my career. My movement in the ring was crucial to victory. The last round decided everything but we played it smart.


Jabali BREEDY (BAR) won Bayarsaikhan ENKH-AMGALAN (MGL) – 4:1

I started boxing ten years ago when I was fourteen. I feel so good about my achievements, I’m a number one boxer from Barbados. It all feels great, I thank God and my team. They would love me even if I didn’t win and that is why I appreciate them so much. Being here and facing all these fighters taught me to push myself and try even harder. Coming to this competition and reaching this kind of level I’m going to give another 100% and even more. I prepare for the next opponent by doing my research on him. Every time I go in the ring we have a new game plan, different tactics and strategies.
Billal BENNAMA (FRA) celebrated a victory over Jerry KATAMBA KABANGO (COD) – 5:0

After winning a bronze medal at the 2019 AIBA Word Boxing Championships, my goal is gold. I train for it, I fight for it. When I was younger I fought in Serbia and I was in the top eight then. I’m in Serbia again and I hope I will be boxing for gold this time.


Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA) won Karen TONAKANYAN (ARM) – RSC-I R3

Although I felt a little bit tired, I regained my power after the second round and finished the fight with the desired outcome. I have been boxing since I was a kid, so I feel prepared enough for all the upcoming matches. I am here to be the king, the winner of this Championships. I won a gold medal at the 2017 World Championships, and I expect to achieve the same title, with the only difference being a year.

Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA)

Delicious ORIE (ENG) lost to Lazizbek MULLOJONOV (UZB) 
In the ring, I always search for the victory, so there is no space for negative thoughts about losing. I always tend to be positive, therfore, I don’t have any hard feelings about this bout or my opponent. In fact, I couldn’t ask for more, since I had a chance to fight against the rival who is very skilled which makes my boxing experience more rich. This fight brought me a chance to pay attention to the new details that could bring my boxing skills on the next level. I am aware that the path to the victory consists of ups and downs, so, I don’t strive only for the victory, but I am also looking for the way to improve myself and my boxing, of course. Now when I lost, somebody might comment badly about me, but that’s what you need to expect when it comes to sport. In the future I’ll prove the opposite. There’s no word such as rest in my vocabulary. I always train because, you need to box the best if you want to become the best.
Delicious ORIE (ENG)
Edgaras SKURDELIS (LTU) eliminated Semiz ALICIC (SRB) – 5:0
We had good tactical preparation and we believed that was enough, and it worked. I hope that I will become a coach one day. That is how I see myself in ten years. Of course, I am working on it, I currently study at the university of physical education. At this Championshipas, my goal is to become number one.

I’m totally satisfied with my fight, especially with the first round. I’m very confident about my next contest and I am going to get that gold medal in my weight category. My biggest support is my coaches and my family who are watching my fight right now. I love them all so much.


Obed BARTEE-EL II (USA) defended Arman DARCHINYAN (ARM) – 4:1 

It was a very tough fight, my opponent threw great punches, he pushed me to be the best that I could be tonight. My biggest motivation on this tournament and every other is my family; I fight for them. I see myself walking out with the gold medal; that is my goal. I choose to spend every single spare moment on practise and rest.


Julio LA CRUZ (CUB) eliminated Sharifi TOUFAN (IRI) – 5:0
I think that the fact that many people have high expectations of you is something that motivates, that gives you encouragement, knowing that you are doing a good competition and that you are giving your best. I believe that the ring gives the last word and that the best always wins. I am motivated by the fact that I do something good for life, for society and I think there is no greater recognition than to continue winning titles and medals for the country of champions which is Cuba. I also think it was a good fight and that the both of us together made a great show for the Serbian audience and everyone present at the arena. I have the best coach in the world, we have already worked together for many years and we are a family. We trust each other and I think that was something that gave me the confidence in the ring.
Arslan KHATAEV (FIN) won Tayfur ALIYEV (AZE) – 4:1 

The fight was amazing. My opponent was really good and strong. I fought with him before so I was well-prepared – we made good tactics with my coach. I started boxing because of bullying in school and after eleven years I’m here, at the World Championships. My biggest support is my family, coach who is also my family, and my friends.


Jamar TALLEY (USA) eliminated Andrei ZAPLITNI (MDA) – 5:0 

It was a tough fight, only because I made it that way, but from the moment I started, it was a completely different. My opponent was very good, he made me move so much around; it was a fast and furious fight. My motivation is to show everyone my talent. Of course, my motivation here is to walk out with the gold medal.