AIBA WCHs Quotes of the Day 5

October 30th, 2021 / IBA

Quotes of the Day 5 at the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Daniyal SHAHBAKHSH (IRI) won Gustavo RIVERA RIO SANCHEZ (MEX) – 5:0 

Participating in the World Championships for the first time is one of the greatest steps I have made in my career so far. In order to prove the #imthebest hashtag that I often put under my pictures, I have scored a victory against a strong boxer, which makes me particularly proud of myself and fills me with courage. I will not stop until I can proudly show the gold medal around my neck to the rest of the world. The key to a successful fight is the thorough examination of the opponent’s weak sides if he has any, and to use that in the most convenient way. I am not afraid of anything when I enter the ring and hear the buzz of the audience, since #imthebest phrase circling around my mind combined with the endless dedication towards the goal is what usually leads me to victory. I have been practicing intensively for the past six months with my coach, so the fierce and powerful punches in the face that even caused bleeding were not something unexpected, and therefore I was trying to be more careful in the following rounds and outsmart the fighter in front of me.


Obed BARTEE – EL II (USA) won Francesco FARAONI (ITA) – 5:0

Every bout goes easier with the coach’s advice. I have been doing boxing for around 5 years now. Support from my trainer is crucial since I am just 19 and I have plunged myself into the unknown. I’m ready to show the world the talent I possess and the actions my fists can perform. Support from my family and team guides me towards the sweet taste of success. All the people who stay with me, no matter what can not be called any other name but family. Celebrations have to wait for now, since there is a long and tough path full of obstacles to wander through. Those hindrances restlessly try to deprive me of achieving my ultimate goal, but I always manage to push through. Dedication and persistence are the key factors now, in order the creation of history is made possible. So, one day, I will be able to explore all the mysteries that Serbia and the world itself are hiding. The show is not over yet. This is my first World Championships and I am sure there are many more awaiting.


Chambers Eduardo BECKFORD (PAN) eliminated Wang Jia-Jyun CHIUAN (TPE) – 4:1

I would like to thank God for giving me the strength to get to this competition and to win. I love keeping my national flag near my heart and I’m proud to represent my people, whose support is very important to me. I always carry a piece of Panama and it’s love with me wherever I go. I’m stronger because of it and it helps me keep going forward.

Chambers Eduardo BECKFORD (PAN)

Arslan KHATAEV (FIN) won Tulga Oyunbaatar (MNG) y RSC-I in the third round 

The result is pretty good, I won. I feel sad about his cut, about his bleeding, but it is boxing. Boxing is not a game. Before the fight, I talk to my friends via videocall, sometimes we play games. Just relaxing but when I am here in the arena I am focused on the fight. The was a lot of blood but when I fight it is always like that. I do not like free days, but for example, I do not have a fight tomorrow, so I will just train, do all of my practices for the next contest.


Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA) defended Viliam TANKO (SVK) – 5:0

Besides the fact that I am a team captain, generous advice from my colleagues is always welcome. Therefore, a phrase such as “Never give up!” is always encouraging to hear. The gold medal is the motivation for all of us, the one that destroys all linguistic barriers. If I look back, I will see many supporters – but the golden one is my child.

Sofiane OUMIHA (FRA)

Lewis WILLIAMS (ENG) won Indrit LACI (ALB) – 5:0

I always try to focus on hard work, so for me it is not necessary to have any special rituals or lucky charms. It’s still early to celebrate since there is a long way to go, but usually the best way to celebrate, for me, is with the golden medal around my neck. This is my first time staying in Belgrade and I am positively surprised. People are very friendly, I love Serbia.


Sanjeet SANJEET (IND) eliminated Andrei STOTSKII (RBF) – 4:1

The fight was awesome, it was hard but good. In my opinion, the most difficult part is a few minutes before a fight but when you enter the ring it becomes a lot easier. Before the fights, I speak with my coaches and they are my support. My strategy is to estimate the opponent.