AIBA WCHs Quotes of the Day 4

October 28th, 2021 / IBA

Quotes of the Day 4 at AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia

Harvey Jahmal (USA) won Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov (UZB) – 3:2 

I feel great, I believe in my talent, I believe in my skills and my strategy. The atmosphere is great, I feel like I was here for ages. My team and I always get ritual warm-ups before fights. My next opponent is from Brazil and I’m ready for that fight.

Harvey Jahmal (USA)

Keevin ALLICOCK (GYA) lost to Rujakran JUNTRONG (TBF) – 5:0 
If you are prepared and ready for the fight, there is no such thing as a difficult part. There is a lot to learn, but I got really good experience. I’m going to work on my mistakes and come next time.
Narender (IND) won Mohamed KENDEH (SLE) by RSC in the 3rd round 

The fight was really good and I’m so grateful for my team and coaches. I was well prepared, and the only difficult part was getting to know my opponent. Every time before my fights, I always talk with my coaches about tactics.

Narender (IND)
Nelvie TIAFACK (GER) celebrated a victory over Ryan CHARLES (LCA) by RSC in the 2nd round 
It was my first fight and I didn’t know my opponent. I kept the good defense and I finished the fight with really good results. The most difficult part of the fight was not to hesitate and stay calm. I was well-prepared and I got easy to this Championships. I like to listen to music before my fights to get a right mood.
Miguel VEGA BARRERAS (MEX) won Puran RAI (NEP) – 5:0

I’m really satisfied with this victory. I’m proud that I’m representing my country, my people from Mexico, and I’m happy about the result. I’m in Serbia for the first time, and also at the World Championships. On Sunday, the rest day, I will be mentally preparing for the next fight.


Puran RAI (NEP) lost to Miguel VEGA BARRERAS (MEX)

Although I lost, the fight was good. I tried my best, but I was behind the opponent all the time. It is my first match, and it is a great experience for the upcoming tournaments. Belgrade is a great city and we like it here. When I come back to Nepal, I will bear in mind Serbia’s beauty and the generosity of its citizens who welcomed us as a family.

Puran RAI (NEP)

Alen Rahimic (BIH) lost to Mor Rohit (IND) 

The opponent wasn’t much stronger than me, but he was faster, he had good moves but in my opinion, so did I. Preparations were great, I had a few negligible problems. You always ask yourself if you could prepare better but sometimes less is more. We want to thank a lot the Serbian hosts for help and support. The chance they gave us to do our preparation on Zlatibor was very useful. I  am 23, and I had been boxing for past ten years, so I can say that boxing equals life to me. This is not my first time in Belgrade, I was already here in 2017 when I won a fight against Veljko Gligoric. Belgrade is the city full of life. I live in Berlin, but it’s impossible to compare them because Belgrade is unique. People here are warm, outgoing, and always willing to help.

Alen Rahimic (BIH)

Moslem MAGHSOUDI MAL AMIRI (IRI) won against Sangmin LEE (KOR) – 5:0

First of all, we would like to thank Serbia for its hospitality. Every bout is a different story and you have to fight fiercely for every victorious hand raise after. This fight finished in my favor. We observe every bout and analyze our opponents. So, afterward, we scrutinize all acquired victory-leading information in order to form a golden tactic, which differs from time to time. The only right way to prepare for the match is to have training filled with endless consistency, dedication and passion. On the way to the ring, praying to God takes away inevitable negative thoughts. We are trying to represent our country in the best manner, which requires a lot of training, so we still have not explored Belgrade in the way it deserves, but we are looking forward to it.


Sewon OKAZAWA (JPN) celebrated a victory over Dmitri GALAGOT (MDA) – 5:0

The fight was good, I’m very happy with the result. Before every fight me and my coaches talk about tactics. Today I needed to be fast and do small but strong punches. I get to see Belgarde, everyone is so nice and kind. I really love being here.



I’m in perfect condition and I’m ready to keep fighting. He was a tough opponent from Africa but thanks to my conditions I’m ready to oppose anyone in the world and win. It’s really cold in Serbia, I used to the Chihuahuan desert. Also, I want to dedicate this victory to all the people who are supporting me, my coaches, my friends, my family and my girlfriend.


Nathan LUNATA NKOSI (COD) won against ALOUCH Martin (KEN) – 5:0
As a leader of my team, I can say we are satisfied with the results so far. The celebration will not be lavish, but rather humble, since there is a long way to go. Our goal is to enhance our performance and I think we are on the right track because this victory is not the only one we’ve scored. The celebration will be in the spirit of our homeland, with a subtle touch of our traditional dance. With great excitement, we are trying to catch up with the rhythm of the unfolding of this championship. Unfortunately, we still did not get a chance to examine Serbia more profoundly. The Serbian spirit remains a mystery that is to be deciphered in the following days.

Jones OMARI (USA) defeated Jolly TYLER (SCO) – 5:0

This is my first World Championships. My coaches told me that I lost the first round, but usually, I am better in the first one. I just had to push the last two rounds and I listened to my coaches and threw punches as they said. We don’t celebrate victories right now, because the job isn’t done and there are four more fights to come, so I will celebrate when I get back home. It has been my dream since the age of eight when I started boxing. It`s a dream come true. I want to thank God first and I appreciate my team.

Abdule-Fawaz ABORODE (FCT) won Anthony JOSEPH (TTO) – 4:1

I am only 19 years old and this is my first senior and international fight, but I am satisfied with the results. I am honored to be here, to be part of the Fair Chance Team and to win my first bout. I hope I will do the same in two days.

Abdule-Fawaz ABORODE (FCT)

Luiz DO NASCIMENTO CHALOT (BRA) celebrated a victory over Faffaele DE SERIO (ITA) 

I feel happy, and I think that I did a great job. I gave in a lot of efforts and it paid off. Brazil is entering a great era in boxing and I am honored to be representing my country at this tournament.

Samuel KISTOHURRY (FRA) won Farrell NAILL (ENG) – 3:2 

It was a very tight fight, but luckily I won. We will see what happens next and how I will perform in my next match. I need to be much more careful in defense, but I will practice and hopefully be better in the next round.


Veljko GLIGORIC (SRB) lost to Akylbek ESENBEK (KGZ) 

The first round was mine, without any problem and I wish I could say the same for the second one. We both knew that the final round was going to decide whose hand the judge would raise at the end and that is why that round was tough. I wanted to disrupt his tactic and I didn’t let him take the initiative, that is why the judges were warning me. I gave my best. He is a really strong opponent and a favorit for the gold medal in my category. I am satisfied with my performance and I don’t have anything to be sorry about.


Mark PETROVSKII (RBF) defended Ricardo BROWN (JAM) – 5:0 

This is the first time I have ever fought against a boxer much bigger than me. With my team, we will analyze this bout, looking for my mistakes, in order to further work on them. I have enough time to prepare for my next flight to perform a lot better. I will prepare my strategy for my next rival. Before every fight I watch my opponent’s previous fights, just to get to know him, but when I am in the ring, things are much different. That is how I prepared myself for this contest, but I underestimated my opponent from Jamaica and his abilities.


Vladan BABIC (SRB) won Yegnong MAXIME (CMR) – 3:2

This contest had a lot of ups and downs for me, but in the end I raised like a phoenix. Even though the support from the tribunes meant a lot to me, I was scared that I could disappoint all the people that came to cheer me up and all the other guys who are representing the Serbian team. This is still my first bout at this Championships and because of that I didn’t perform my best, but I promise that I will give everything that it takes to be better in the next fights. I will leave the tactic preparation to my team and I already know I will foght against Azerbaijan next. Me and that boxer have history and I plan on getting revenge.

Vladan BABIC (SRB)


This is not my first time boxing against today’s opponent so I knew what to do and how to prepare. I feel really good and happy with the results. I am going to prepare for my next fight and I hope for the same outcome. I trained a lot to participate in this Championships. My preparations lasted for almost four months. I like to call my family and girlfriend, who are my biggest supporters, before my fights.


Orie DELICIOUS (ENG) celebrated victory over Luis MENESES GOMEZ (MEX) by RSC in the 3rd round 

I worked really hard to come here and it’s a privilege to compete at this Championships. I get comments on being the next World Champion, which means a lot to me and it’s a big motivation to stay on the path. I train a lot but I analyze my next opponent before our fight. The best advise I got from my coach is to stay focused and to follow the strategy. I used to play basketball growing up and I started boxing only five years ago. I know it’s unexpected but my other hobby is economics. I love reading too and it helps me a lot, even in boxing. I send love to all my followers and their support means a lot to me. To all the people in the world of boxing, definitely watch out for my name because I don’t plan on stopping here and I’ll be in the scene from now on.