AIBA supports fast-tracking CAS hearing

October 10th, 2018 / IBA

Following discussions with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the AIBA Executive Committee has agreed to support fast-tracking a hearing to clarify the deadline for candidate application and nomination forms in regards to the upcoming election.

According to the election procedure, all candidate application and nomination forms must have been received at the AIBA Headquarters by midnight on September 23, 2018. However, questions have been raised with regards the deadline date being on a weekend.

AIBA Interim President, Gafur Rahimov said, “Good governance and transparency are sound pillars in the new AIBA, which is why the AIBA Executive Committee immediately gave the order to support CAS in fast-tracking a hearing to clarify questions regarding the election process. I have said several times over the last weeks, the election procedure and rules currently in place are overly complicated and need to be changed. They were put there by the previous administration and previous Executive Director, unfortunately we must follow them as they are part of our statues. However, while they are bizarre, they should not hinder or hurt the democratic process of our organization.  If we can do anything to clarify the situation then we must do so, the more candidates we have vying for all positions the better.”