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AIBA Reform Commission to present revised Constitution draft to the EC on September 30th 

September 29th, 2020 / IBA

Two important meetings of the AIBA Reform Commission have been held by videoconference this month to make recommendations for the AIBA Executive Committee approval on its next meeting scheduled on September 30th.   

AIBA Reform Commission Chairman Mr. Wu Di said it has been many hours of work on each article of the new Constitution.  

‘In the past few months, the AIBA Reform Commission has been working a lot to revise the draft of the new Constitution and also has been discussing other important issues of the organization. Only this month we have held two Reform Commission meetings and have worked for dozens of hours before and after the meeting to discuss and revise more than 30 articles in the Constitution,’ Mr. Wu Di said. 

He also wants to thank the members for the deep involvement in the reform process. 

‘With the spirit of solidarity and a strong sense of responsibility, we are able to accomplish fruitful results in this difficult time to make sure that all the preparation work for the December Congress can be finished legally in time. We sincerely hope that our efforts can help AIBA meet IOC’s requirements and move in the right direction,’ the Chairman concluded.