AIBA President meets Members of German Parliament

July 11th, 2014 / All

The President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Dr Ching-Kuo Wu visited Berlin, Germany, to meet the Secretary General of the German governing party CDU Dr Peter Tauber and the former Vice President of the German NOC, current Member of the German Parliament, Mr Eberhard Gienger to discuss the development of boxing in the country.

The AIBA President provided his counterparts with an overview of the development of AIBA over the past years and outlined the innovative programs that AIBA has introduced to further promote the noble art across the globe.

A former World Champion in gymnastics himself, Mr Gienger was particularly pleased to find out about the benefits that the upcoming AIBA Pro Boxing program will be bringing to both the boxers and the sport in general.

Dr Tauber informed the AIBA President about the Integration through boxing and experiential outdoor education (IBE) project. This project uses boxing and action-oriented outdoor education as key learnings to lower aggression, and aims at favoring the long-term integration of young people into the society. He was also keen to get more details about the AIBA Corporate Social Responsibility programs and emphasized how crucial the efforts of the International Boxing Association towards providing opportunities for improvement of less fortunate young people around the world, are.

As a strong supporter of sport as a method of improving behavior, Dr Ching-Kuo Wu underlined the importance of the project which aims to help youth having difficulties in integrating into society.

Dr Ching-Kuo Wu then offered the full support of AIBA towards a Corporate Social Responsibility program that Dr Tauber would like to launch in Germany to help the sport of boxing. It was therefore agreed to join forces and work closely together to successfully implement such an initiative.