AIBA President held a joint training session with national youth teams from 9 countries

February 18th, 2021 / IBA

The participants of the international tournament “Adriatic Pearl”, national youth teams from Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Montenegro, took part in the joint training with the AIBA President, Mr. Umar Kremlev in the city of Bar, Montenegro.

The training session was held on the beach of the Adriatic Sea. After it, Mr. Kremlev presented boxing equipment to the athletes and coaches, wishing them new victories, and talked to them on an informal basis.

‘My task is to be closer to our athletes and coaches. We, as functionaries, should create conditions for them. We need to work for the best interests of boxing. Despite the pandemic, we have to organize tournaments to give our athletes necessary combat practice,’ AIBA President said.

Coaches of the participated teams agreed that the opportunity to have trained with the President is exciting and unique.

‘I think it was great to have the opportunity to train with Mr. President. I have never seen such a practice before, it’s the first time. It’s very nice that he wants to meet athletes personally. We also set big hopes on new President and are ready for positive changes,’ the head coach of the Finnish youth boxing team Joni Turunen said.

‘In Finland, we had opportunity to train but we couldn’t go to international tournaments because of pandemic. Our goal for this tournament in Montenegro is to have so many fights as possible, because we, unfortunately, had to wait one year,’ he added.

Head coach of Youth Bulgarian national team Borislav Boyadjiev claimed that his team’s task is to check the physical conditions before the AIBA Youth World Championships in April.

‘We need to understand what aspects should be improved. We are a strong team and have big plans for the upcoming tournament. The fact that Mr. Kremlev, as AIBA President, personally conducts training together with athletes is very important. He is a man of boxing with a great desire to help everyone around the globe. So we can work and win together as a big international boxing family. Besides, ongoing reforms are a big step toward great future of boxing, I endorse all proposed ideas,’ Boyadjiev said.

Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Oleg Kudinov mentioned

‘I see the first time that that AIBA president trains together with athletes. Such an event brings many athletes together, unites them. I think it could grow to a good tradition. We believe that current AIBA reforms will improve the quality of the organization of competitions, the quality of referee and judging. Boxing should move forward,’ he said.