AIBA President held a joint training session with athletes of Uzbekistan

April 4th, 2021 / IBA

Top boxers and junior national team of Uzbekistan took part in joint training together with AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev in Tashkent. Mr. Kremlev is the first AIBA President, who has such a practice. The main goal is to communicate with athletes directly, to understand their needs.

The President addressed to young athletes with motivational speech about AIBA goals and intentions to support young boxers around the world and particularly in Uzbekistan. He calls upon to take an example from other excellent boxers of the country, who performs at the highest level in international tournaments.

‘My task is to be closer to our athletes and coaches. We stand for true and beautiful fights and for professional judging. And we, as functionaries, should create all necessary conditions for you.

Here, in Uzbekistan, you have rich history and experience of our sport, your country is an example for others not only at the continent but also worldwide. Let’s continue this great tradition together and develop boxing in the best possible way,’ AIBA President said.

‘We all are a united family. If you are a champion you belong to the nation, the whole world is watching you. This is a high responsibility and hard work. Give as much afforts as you can and we will support you from our side,’ Mr. Kremlev added.

After the session, Mr. Kremlev presented boxing equipment to the athletes and coaches, wishing them new victories.