AIBA President Ching-Kuo Wu has been immediately suspended by the Chair of AIBA Disciplinary Commission

October 10th, 2017 / IBA

On Monday 9 October, the AIBA Disciplinary Commission Chair served the International Boxing Association President Ching-Kuo Wu with a provisional and immediate suspension from duties pending the conclusion of the Commission’s Complaint case. Dr Wu is currently contesting the decision in the Swiss Court, citing an alleged failure by the Commission to follow due process in reaching its conclusion.

The DC received a Brief of Complaint on October 1 from eleven members of the AIBA Executive Committee alleging that AIBA President Wu has violated and continues to violate various provisions of AIBA’s Statutes and Codes. The Complaint requests provisional and immediate suspension of his rights as President of AIBA as he continuously exercises such rights to dismiss and appoint key individuals in AIBA in order to block any statutory right of the EC and of others.

The Chairman of the Commission assigned to this matter believes that the situation is urgent and requires immediate provisional measures be ordered.

Mr Wu is able to participate in any pending matter before the Commission in which he is a named as party. This interim suspension will be considered at the conclusion of the Commission’s proceedings on the Complaint case.

During the period of suspension, the office of the President of AIBA will be filled in accordance with AIBA Statutes and Bylaws which is now in undergoing process.