AIBA News June 2018 – Interim President addresses AIBA’s Members

June 28th, 2018 / IBA

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My dear boxers and friends,

While AIBA is making fantastic progress forward, it is my pleasure to provide you with an overview of the significant milestones achieved this past month.

As you may know already, the AIBA Executive Committee Bureau held an important meeting on June 3rd in Dubai, UAE. During this meeting there where various topics discussed, including among others the upcoming Youth Men’s and Women’s World Championships. For this important AIBA event, it has been agreed to increase the quota per continent and thus offer more places to youth around the world. This decision aims at giving an extra push to the development of young boxers worldwide.

This is something that I am proud to support because I truly believe that youth are the foundation of our sport and we, at AIBA, must place young athletes and grassroots development at the core of our future. And this starts by fully committing to helping our young athletes throughout their journey, from grassroots to elite level, and giving them the experience and best possible conditions in which to compete.

Another important point raised this month was gender equality in our organization. Recently, AIBA proudly announced the successful implementation of new policies in favour of gender equality in boxing. This is a point that is of the of utmost importance for me; by nurturing and promoting female leaders in our sport in and out of the ring, we will ensure the continued development of our sport for the future.

And as we look to the future, I would like to take this last opportunity to wish all of our young boxers the best of luck as they prepare for our upcoming AIBA Youth Championships in Budapest, Hungary as well as the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kind regards,
Gafur Rahimov,
Interim President of AIBA