AIBA moves forward with IOC Inquiry Committee

February 4th, 2019 / IBA

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has requested Deloitte to do a report on the AIBA International Boxing Association following their Executive Board decision to set up an Ad Hoc Inquiry Committee related to the Association. AIBA has received from the Inquiry Committee a request with 41 questions from Deloitte focusing primarily on finances but as well on governance, ethics, refereeing and judging and anti-doping. Part of the Deloitte’s request deals with the 21 points of the PWC report which AIBA is in the progress of implementing. Despite the tight timeline of February 21st, AIBA plans on meeting the Inquiry Committee’s schedule and providing clarity regarding any additional questions that the IOC may have.

In the last past year, the International Boxing Association has shown significant progress in regard to its finance and governance. Following the improvements made, AIBA has put into place assessment tools to determine how to move forward with the next phase. The association desires to continuously improve on the successful changes already made and has requested a new audit in February to assess the progress, evaluate the actual situation and clearly show its improved financial health. This audit will be happening in parallel with the Deloitte’s report. The association also plans to test the new protest program to ensure it will be fully functional for the trials later this year and has taken the assessment for the 21 observations from PWC report and developed strategies for implementation of each.