AIBA Interim President meets with National Federations in Budapest during the Youth World Championships

August 22nd, 2018 / IBA

AIBA Interim President Gafur Rahimov welcomed the National Federations gathered in Budapest for the 2018 Youth Women’s & Men’s World Championships. The meeting was set to discuss about the important milestones the sport is facing, and the progress made in the last months to ensure the best future possible for boxing.

“This past year we have been through some tough times. We have faced some of the hardest challenges in the history of our sport. Together with the AIBA Executive Committee, I am making sure that our sport continues to be successful. And let me assure that we are doing all the right things. We are meeting with all of our stakeholders and we are achieving all the important milestones that are significant to the future of boxing.”, said the Interim President, Gafur Rahimov.

The Interim President also introduced the recently launched New Foundation Plan and the first AIBA Gender Equality Forum, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in September as part of the several reform programs being embraced by AIBA. The forum will focus on developing innovative approaches to promote equal opportunities for more girls and women to participate in the sport of boxing and receive increased benefits.