AIBA extended agreement with ITA for 2021 

January 11th, 2021 / IBA

AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev signed an agreement with International Testing Agency (ITA), represented by Director General Benjamin Cohen, extending the collaboration between AIBA and ITA for 2021.

‘AIBA is fully committed to clean sports. In boxing, we continue to fight doping at all levels to make sure our sport is completely doping-free. We are doing everything possible to ensure that AIBA has the most up-to-date anti-doping program organized in collaboration with ITA,’ said Mr. Kremlev. 

The agreement includes the general management of the Anti-Doping program (including whereabouts, TUE, biological passport, etc), follow-up of WADA compliance, and all out-of-competition testing for the sport of boxing during the year 2021.

AIBA was one of the first international federations to use the services of ITA for all its anti-doping activities. Since 2020, anti-doping rule violations are referred to the CAS anti-doping division for adjudication. Thanks to its collaboration with ITA and the CAS anti-doping division, AIBA ensures that a top-of-the art anti-doping program is in place for the sport of boxing.