AIBA Executive Committee Meeting Approves Reforms

July 16th, 2018 / IBA

During a full two-day programme at AIBA’s recent Executive Committee Meeting held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the Executive Committee met to discuss the current state of AIBA affairs and the continued progress towards its reforms.  

Among the various topics discussed were, the New Foundation Plan, the new AIBA Statues, the new AIBA Ethics Commission, the improvement of the AIBA’s governance, updates to AIBA’s financial stability, the review of the current R&J systems, the commitment of AIBA to anti-doping, the AIBA Gender Equality Forum and the set-up of the whistle-blower hotline.

The Interim AIBA President Gafur Rahimov commented, “We have made a lot of progress in recent months. The new culture of transparency and democracy that is being established in AIBA is apparent by discussions and approved reforms seen at the recent Executive Committee Meeting. The milestones achieved in recent months and the ratification of a number of significant reforms these last few day display the continued dedication we have for our sport and to setting up Boxing for a bright and successful future.”

Included in the update reports from the AIBA Interim President, AIBA Vice Presidents and AIBA Executive Director, were the significant milestones achieved in recent months. AIBA has, among others, already improved the governance structure as indicated by the ASOIF re-evaluation in order to ensure a well-managed organisation, implemented new policies regarding financial monitoring in order to track costs and spending, committed to the review of new R&J systems by an independent expert in order to improve officiating, joined the ITA in order to promote clean sport and protect the integrity of athletes and the sport of boxing and set up a whistle-blower hotline in order to ensure a safe and accountable means of reporting.

During the meeting, the Executive Committee also approved changes and amendments to the Statutes which will come into effect after being ratified by Congress this November and approved the appointment of its new AIBA Ethics Commission Chairman. Additionally, modifications were approved that will ensure that AIBA’s Athletes Commission is in line with the IOC requirements. And lastly, agreements with Benkons and FCIT were also put into place which will significantly strengthen the financial stability of AIBA for years to come.

Executive Director Tom Virgets stated, “In recent months, the leadership at the AIBA Executive Committee together with the team at the AIBA Headquarters have shown their continued commitment and dedication in overcoming the challenges facing our sport. We   will keep moving forward and working hard to be a model governing body.”

The minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting will be available to National Federations in the coming weeks.