AIBA Executive Committee lifts provisional suspension of Vice President Mr. Franco Falcinelli

November 26th, 2018 / IBA

The AIBA Executive Committee has decided to lift the provisional suspension of AIBA Vice President and President of EUBC Mr. Franco Falcinelli. The provisional suspension is lifted pending the issuance of a decision by the AIBA Disciplinary Commission.

The decision taken by the AIBA Executive Committee allows Mr. Franco Falcinelli to resume his duties as AIBA Vice President, Executive Committee Member and EUBC President, as well as all other AIBA boxing related activities while awaiting the final decision from the AIBA Disciplinary Commission.

AIBA President Mr. Gafur Rahimov welcomed the decision by the Executive Committee: “I am glad that the AIBA Executive Committee reconsidered the situation. Mr. Falcinelli has been doing a great job for our sport for many years and I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration for the development of Boxing. To suspend people from our sport is not something that I or anyone else at AIBA enjoy so this an important step forward. Therefore, we must spend our time and energy on developing our sport and moving our organization forward. Only together as a team, we will be able to continue the good work made in bringing Olympic Boxing into a new era, and the recent successful edition of the Women’s World Championships carried out in New Delhi is the proof of AIBA’s capacity”.

Mr. Franco Falcinelli said: “I am very happy and thankful for being given the possibility to recover my role as AIBA Vice President and EUBC President. Following the recent AIBA Congress, any objective analysis will come to the clear conclusion that the AIBA Members democratically expressed that Mr. Rahimov is the right person to lead AIBA. I therefore welcome Mr. Gafur Rahimov as the new AIBA President and I am ready to execute my role of Vice President and support his strong commitment especially in this delicate and crucial moment for our International Federation. We must close with the past and move forward in unity with each other, and I firmly believe that we must be united to fight the dangerous ambitions of some professional organizations. I am confident that IOC will ensure the future of boxing in the Olympic program and the new AIBA leadership will show worldwide that nobody can replace our qualified knowhow and our traditions. Olympic Boxing must continue its glorious path and our future champions will write indelible pages in sports history.”