AIBA Election Committee made a statement on a disinformation distributed among National Federations

December 11th, 2020 / IBA

The Chairman of the AIBA Eection Committee Mr. Bernhard Welten wrote a letter to the AIBA National Federations where he made a statement on the false information distributed by an anonymous sender earlier today.

‘This disinformation attempt is misleading and harmful to AIBA’s election process,’ claimed Mr. Welten.

‘These documents contain allegations against Mr. Umar Kremlev that are similar to the those received by AIBA’s Election Commission earlier. We have already checked the allegations and found that they were not correct, and therefore the candidacy of Mr. Kremlev was not blocked,’ he added.

Mr. Welten stated that ‘this disinformation behaviour needs to be stopped.’

‘National Federations should not be misled, especially a day before presidential elections. It is unfair and goes against the AIBA statutes and regulations. I am of the opinion to introduce a disciplinary procedure against the unknown person who instigated today’s email,’ he said.

‘I call on all candidates to respect the applicable AIBA regulations and the norms of democracy. Please lead a fair and respectful campaign. If it is found that any candidate or his representative is indulging in a disinformation campaign, there will be serious consequences,’ cocncluded the Chairman of the AIBA Election Committee.

The full letter can be read here.