AIBA continues reforms with forming Сommittees and approving communication strategy 

January 27th, 2021 / IBA

Committee candidates

National Federations will propose candidatures to form the AIBA Committees after the Board of Directors’ decision to approve new Organizational Regulations.   

Two out of the five new regulation documents were drafted by the AIBA legal team in accordance with the new AIBA Constitution. Organizational Regulations include a definition of the composition, organization, and roles of the AIBA Committees.

Seven approved Committees, including Marketing Committee, Competitions Committee (includes T&C), Refereeing and Judging Committee, Coaches Committee, Champions & Veterans Committee, Women’s Committee, Medical & Anti-doping Committee, were given the governing general rules. Until February 1st, National Federations are proposed to send their candidates for AIBA’s review. 

‘We are on the right way after the new Constitution was adopted by the Congress in December. The Regulations are step two in the direction of organization of daily work for AIBA bodies. We are looking forward to receiving candidates names from our member federations to form the Committees from competent and professional persons,’ AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev said. 

Two more documents, Athletes Committee Regulations and Regulations on Congress and Elections are to be drafted, and the fifth, Financial Regulations, is to be reviewed. 

Secretary General 

The Selection Committee is appointed to propose the best candidatures for the AIBA Secretary General position to the Board of Directors.   

‘We need to make sure to have the best Secretary General to operate our work at AIBA Headquarters. I am confident we can find an appropriate candidature to strengthen our governance,’ the President added. 


After deep analyses of communication, the new strategy was created and presented to the Directors. It was approved and will be implemented in seven months, until the end of August. 

The strategy includes the creation of the websites and social media accounts for all the National Federations as well as strong communications departments.   

The news digest will unite all National Federations, reporting about the biggest successful initiatives, implemented reforms, new projects, and general development. It will be distributed twice a month among all the AIBA members. 

Mr. Kremlev called on the National Federations to follow AIBA’s communication model.

‘We’ve chosen a policy of total openness with our activities, and communications are a key tool to report to everyone how transparent we are. We are going to help our National Federations with their websites and social media accounts in order to promote boxing in each country’, he added. 

The Board of Directors also reviewed ideas dedicated to the main date of 2021, AIBA’s 75th anniversary. The celebration will last throughout the year with various projects, initiatives, and events.