AIBA Coaches Commission holds development talks in Lausanne

February 9th, 2017 / IBA

As preparations continue for the 2017 Commissions Meetings in New Delhi at the end of February, the AIBA Coaches Commission has convened in Lausanne for two days of discussions from 8-9 February. The group looked back on the significant work done through the Coaches’ Development Programme since 2010, before addressing the new rules ratified after Rio 2016 and strategies to consolidate and grow the number of certified coaches around the world, including a fresh look at their career pathways that will be presented to the Commissions in India.

“These discussions reflected the singular importance of the role played by coaches in a boxer’s careers, making them an important focus for AIBA’s educational programmes over the coming Olympic Cycle towards Tokyo 2020,” said Adam Kusior, Chair of the Commission.

In the sharing of latest practices and techniques, comprehension of the R&J scoring criteria, following AIBA and the IOC codes of conduct and anti-doping vigilance, the influence of a coach in training and competition alike, is a fundamental link to all AIBA boxers.  The manner of their instruction and new learning structures were widely discussed and will also be tabled during the Commissions Meetings in India later this month.