AIBA Appointments following Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting in Dubai

November 9th, 2017 / IBA

At the Extraordinary EC Meeting held from 3-4 November in Dubai, AIBA Interim President Franco Falcinelli, with the support of the AIBA Executive Committee, has made several appointments and modifications to the composition of the AIBA Executive body as follows:

AIBA EC Bureau
Osvaldo Bisbal, AIBA Vice President & AMBC President, Ted Tanner, AIBA Vice President & OCBC President, Suleyman Mikaylov and Pat Fiacco, AIBA EC members, have been appointed as members of the AIBA EC Bureau.
Eyüp Gözgeç and Steve Ninvalle, AIBA EC members, have been dismissed as members of the AIBA EC Bureau.

African Boxing Confederation (AFBC)
Mohamed Moustahsane, AIBA EC member, has been confirmed in his appointment as the Interim President of the African Boxing Confederation.

Administrators in AIBA Headquarters
Until further notice, 3 AIBA EC members, Terry Smith, Mohamed Moustahsane and Pat Fiacco will act as AIBA Administrators and share duties. Their common contact email is